Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC), headquartered in Atlanta, with international network of Eco Commerce Hubs across continents, is the world’s leading Eco Commerce management, business development and marketing alliance. Its portfolio encompasses new technology, partner projects and initiatives. 

Over its history, the CEC brand has become synonymous with Eco Innovation and Commerce, and has earned the loyalty of many individuals and organizations worldwide. Business and policy leaders have come to rely on the brand to deliver critical information and services - collectively known around the world as the Eco Commerce Exchange (ECE).

Overall, the CEC brand is associated with Eco Commerce Experts and Elite Organizations. Its brand attributes of quality and expertise, attention to detail and consistency are reflected in the steadily expanding portfolio of partner projects and repeat business generated from satisfied customers.

Our mission is to bring together individuals and organizations in Eco Innovation and Commerce. We believe that a viral community of experts, leaders, and learners working together will provide balanced and effective solutions for Business, Environment, and Society. We connect individuals and organizations through a powerful global platform providing easy access to actionable knowledge and contacts.

CEC is NOT a membership association, we do NOT charge membership fees, and we do NOT accept donations, instead we encourage you to join our partner projects and initiatives, and make donations direct to our non-profit partners.