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Eco Commerce Hub 

CEC accelerates technology and knowledge transfer across industries and continents. The regional Hub has diverse representation from industry, academia, NGOs, and state governments. 

Regional Eco Commerce Hub is positioned to help individuals and companies incorporate Eco Innovation and sustainability into ‘business as usual’ by giving local leaders from business and governments access to Eco Commerce expertise in the region.   

The regional hub links innovation, finance, economics, legal disciplines and policy. The hub serves as marketplace where innovators, investors, business leaders, and policymakers can source, scale, commercialize, learn, share, create, and diffuse innovations, strategies, and best practices aimed toward green progress and profits.

Confidence is important to every investors’ investment decision. Investors come in to the CEC Hub to find the ‘next big thing’ in new technology space. The hub delivers a deal flow at the valuation that investors seek, offering a tremendous momentum in the global marketplace. 

The regional Hub is an extensive resource tool for regional sourcing, scaling, and commercializing eco innovations, and comparing solutions. The CEC database covers the local market and provides technical data on a technology's relative strengths and limitations, and potential applications, as well as its general properties. 

Trend Reports 

Benefit from extensive range of free articles, covering important issues and trends. 

Innovation Briefs

Learn about the latest innovations: new upgrades, applications, processes, issues and recent developments. 


Read the latest news delivered to you by international network of experts. You can access news service free of charge, but the only thing you need to do is to join a regional Hub. 

R & D Highlights

With R&D Highlights, keep you abreast of what’s on the horizon for eco techology; You learn about the latest patents being issued, as well as updates on ongoing research. You find out what’s happening in the lab today in order to help you in your long-term development for tomorrow.

Solution Center

A one-stop solution for sourcing solutions to your specific issues, problems, challenges, and industry. Search by experts, expertise, industry, properties and/or application and choose and compare different technologies with specific performance requirements in mind, obtaining detailed technical data and analytical graphs that point the way to your best options.


Benefit from expert on-line presentations that you can participate in from the comfort of your own office. Presentation topics will cover eco tech innovations, and key issues in Eco Commerce. View the presentation slides on your screen and listen to the speaker on your telephone.

Updates and Events

  • Keep up with what's happening today in Eco Commerce;
  • Delivers the latest Innovations to you;
  • Shares market intelligence, trends & data with you;
  • Obtains insights into Eco Commerce events;
  • Covers regulatory & government decisions which impact Eco Commerce;
  • Delivers Eco Commerce development 'tools' and knowledge directly to you.

Eco Commerce Development