Eco Commerce Media  

Communication between businesses and consumers is needed in order to effectively develop and expand new business opportunities in Eco Commerce. Our regional Exchanges, are important business innovation and promotion interfaces between thought leaders in Eco Innovation and Commerce. 

We make use of effective development strategies and lobbying activities. However, in several of our satellite Hubs business development structures are lacking or are in their infancy. 

Despite the multiplication of communication efforts across sectors the Eco Commerce communication reach is limited to inner circles, there is no clear message across communication initiatives and the messages get lost. 

The overall objective of our Integrated Marketing Communication Program (IMC) is to deliver:

1. A united voice to make Eco Innovation and Commerce messages loud, clear and understood. 

2. A communication strategy that reaches to external target groups and has a decisive influence and impact. 

3. Activities required for clear breakthrough messages.

We have developed unique IMC program and media network for sharing competitive intelligence, promoting 

science based innovation. 

Eco Commerce Media Group (ECMG)

ECMG is an independent for-profit media group, producing, publishing and distributing Media News Releases (MNRs) to business and general public.

We transform innovation excellence into written articles and short movies suitable for international media distribution.

MNRs are typically made of a Video News Release (VNR) plus a series of featuring articles and interviews written by professional journalists. Our media products cover a wide spectrum of areas including Research, Technology, Design, Tourism, Health, ICT, Environment, Energy, Health, Transport, Nanotechnologies, Society, Women, Men, Children, Pets, and many others.

We designs and implement media communication strategies for enterprises and organizations. We establish partnerships between organizations, communities and the media. Our partners exploit our VIrtual platforms to implement their communication strategy towards the business and the general public.

We rely on a our partner distribution network for direct outreach, including international media agencies, online networks, and TV stations.

We produce original articles, news and interviews targeting highly targeted and motivated audiences. The ECMG is rapidly becoming an acknowledged information source for on-line communities and press journalists. Articles and interviews written by our journalists are of interest to industry professionals and the public. 

The ECMG is an international group of Eco Commerce professionals, with branch offices in all continents. The ECMG leadership team is based in Atlanta and New York, and has been working on audiovisual communication projects since 1995.  

Eco Commerce Review (ECR)

ECR contributes to and accelerates targeted distribution of Eco Commerce News Releases. These select MNRs include original articles and interviews featuring the most prominent business, policy and non-profit innovators.  

Over the last two decades, our media experts have worked together on numerous projects in the area of communication and impact assessment of innovative technologies. We target an international audience of several hundreds of millions viewers through on-line press, blogs, forums, and on-line communities.

We can help implement media communication strategies for enterprises and organizations and have the capacity to establish permanent links between the research communities, business development teams and the media.

We rely on our media partners and large distribution network, including news feeds and outreach to national TV stations via satellite broadcasting; international media agencies such as APTN; and personal contacts with TV commissioning editors and TV journalists.

We are a trusted independent non-partisan information and education resource for on-line communities, press journalists, and educators worldwide. 

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