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A New Engine of Growth

International Co-Operation for Eco Commerce

August 8, 2011, New York, NY --- Eco Commerce requires international co-operation and financial flows  in order to become an engine for growth and development.  As a result CEC  has focused its effort on global trade and investment to fuel the growth and diffusion of Eco Innovation. CEC’s contribution is further strengthened by establishing new regional hubs worldwide. 

Regional Eco Commerce Hubs continue play an important role in creating and enabling conditions for Eco Commerce, by targeting private and public investment, and building human and institutional capacity.  

Increased co-operation in Eco Commerce will accelerate technology development and implementation in the market. The use of targeted, time-bound financing mechanisms, such as loan guarantees and insurance mechanisms, forms of risk sharing, and a commitment to stable, predictable economic and environmental policy, are important to promote timely diffusion of Eco technologies and processes.

Originated in Atlanta, Georgia - Transferred Worldwide

CEC was established in the US in order to take advantage of access to specific partners including Venture and Philanthropic Capital Markets, Global Brands and Organizations, and a favorable entrepreneurship environment. 

Atlanta was chosen due to its global media and transportation hubs, favorable business climate, and support from public and private partners to build a global presence in Eco Commerce. In addition, Atlanta offers unique access to South America, local government support, and access to leading universities and R&D support.   Plans to locate in CEC global Hub in Georgia offer many benefits to companies and their employees including a young educated workforce, tax and other incentives, affordable cost of living, family friendly, and good weather.

International Cooperation

An international Summit of Eco Commerce experts will be held in October 2011. This Summit brings together business leaders and investors to promote investment in Eco Innovation. 

Since 2010, the CEC has been providing advisory services to a number of companies and governments, with an active presence in key locations worldwide. 

Eco Commerce is now recognized not only in developed economies but can be a catalyst for growth and poverty eradication in developing countries as well. As part of the efforts to support countries on assessing progress towards green growth, the CEC stakeholders are working closely together, and also with other organizations to develop Eco Commerce across borders. 

International initiatives exploring the implications of Eco Commerce at the sectoral level include key projects on Agriculture, Building, Energy, Food, and Mobility covering sustainable development. 

CEC has called on Chambers of Commerce, Governments, Development Agencies, SMEs, MEs, and individuals, to join a new global Eco Commerce knowledge platform being developed jointly by the CEC and Microsoft experts. The platform brings together proponents of sustainable development to promote and deploy Eco Innovations and green growth policies by exchanging knowledge, information, and experiences. 

Organizations are also joining their efforts to provide co-ordinated contributions to Rio+20, which will mark a milestone for promoting a global green economic transformation.

Emerging institutions are playing an increasingly important role in the creation of a global architecture conducive to driving greener growth. Promoting a strong partnership and knowledge-sharing between a diverse group of international and regional organizations as well as governments, the CEC supports the creation and diffusion of green growth that integrates objectives for opportunity creation, poverty reduction, and social development with objectives for energy and food security, environmental sustainability, and climate resilience. 

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Working with Emerging Economies for Green Growth

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