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Eco Commerce Exchange (ECE)

Eco Commerce Exchange (ECE) is a fast growing international network of individuals and organizations. ECE serves as a conduit to create strategic connections between prominent private sector enterprises, government officials, trade development agencies, and academic institutions.

ECC has earned a strong reputation for our ability to successfully facilitate prosperous relationships by producing high-impact partner projects, trade missions, educational programs, seminars, workshops, and conferences. Recognized as a significant resource by both private and public sector leaders alike, we focus on initiatives that result in high-impact partner projects, and economic and cultural exchanges. 

By joining ECE partner projects, you will gain an enhanced visibility and deeper understanding of global Eco Commerce.

ECE in Action

We represent the interests of Innovators, Investors, and Businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as Chambers of Commerce, Industry Associations, and other Organizations. 

As the voice of business, our core purpose is to pool and share information, contacts and resources. We address marketplace challenges, deepen understanding and trust, help companies to overcome market penetration challenges, and deliver lasting competitive advantage and profits. 

We create and manage partner projects, initiatives, and events, to accelerate the technology and knowledge transfer across industries and continents.

We are a fast growing global community of Eco Commerce leaders. Our international network of regional Eco Commerce Exchanges connect individuals and organizations to Eco Commerce. People can join regional ECE working groups to contribute to our partner projects, to learn the potential of a given technology, and to recognize the true potency it holds, and to assess impact and risk-reward elements.

We have implemented an invitation-only process. We work closely with our trusted partners and local Chapter Leaders, to internally develop priorities, projects and a strategic portfolio of technologies. Contact your local ECE chapter to learn how you can join our fast growing international Ecosystem of leaders in Eco Commerce.

Leaders and Experts Gather to Move Projects Forward

As growth of the Eco Commerce projects accelerates, so does the need for new technology and financing. However, technology companies face the challenge of developing efficient business platforms that can effectively deliver projects to market and finance increased deal flow. What B2B platforms and models will succeed? Moreover, regions are adopting their own unique models to incentivize the expansion of Eco Commerce projects - which markets create the right incentive structures to generate profitable business development opportunities?

Eco Commerce Exchange (ECE) is the premier online business event where these and other important questions will be addressed. Leaders from around the world gather to share their insights into how to thrive in the market of tomorrow. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with leading players.

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Eco Commerce Exchange 

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A community or organization of any size can join ECE to learn more Eco Commerce, and to develop friendly and profitable exchanges. ECE enables individuals and organizations to establish a formal affiliation leading to official designation as "Eco Commerce Exchange." 

A city, county, municipality, oblast, prefecture, province, region, state, territory, town, or village Eco Commerce relationship becomes official with the signing of a formal agreement by the Leaders of the two ECEs. This is usually done during a ceremony in one of the ECE locations, following approval by the global ECE leadership. Therefore, an ECE - a city, county, oblast, prefecture, province, region, state, territory, town, or village relationship is a broad-based, officially approved, long-term partnership between two ECEs. 


The mission is to promote Eco Commerce and Investment in Eco Innovation through cooperation - one individual, one organization and one community at a time. 


To develop partnerships between ECEs in cities, counties, and states and similar jurisdictions in other nations.

To provide opportunities for Eco Commerce experts, leaders and learners to experience,  explore and share opportunities through long-term partnerships and partner projects. 

To create an atmosphere in which Eco Commerce, Business Development, and Economic Development can be implemented and strengthened.

To stimulate environments through which Eco Commerce stakeholders will creatively learn, work, and solve problems together through reciprocal exchanges and partner projects.

To collaborate with individuals and organizations in other countries which share similar goals and values. 

International Network

The ECE is an independent for-profit business alliance, a fast growing international network of individuals, organizations, and communities. 

We strive to build global cooperation, promote Eco Commerce and stimulate economic development and investment in Eco Innovation. 

ECE is a global leader in Eco Commerce. We inspire, motivate and empower business and policy leaders to conduct long-term partner projects and initiatives. We believe that Eco Commerce involve targeted communication, collaboration, and training, and will mutually benefit all partners. Locations include (but not limited to):


USA, Puerto Rico, Canada.

Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain. 


Russia, Turkey.


Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico.


Australia, New Zealand, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore.


United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana,  South Africa.


We provide high quality, interactive, content-rich, hands-on and continuous training in a user-friendly manner. Our focus is to provide the important information that individuals and organizations require. Our leadership team has decades of combined experience working with hundreds of organizations.

We help to ensure that Eco Commerce Consultants adhere to the regulatory compliance training standards. We will continue to expand our training to give our experts the most up to date and in-depth training, materials, and deal-flow. 

We aim to provide the most valuable training available today, while ensuring that the entire learning process, from start-up to daily business management is as informative as possible.

In short, the purpose of everything we do at ECE is to ensure that the experience of our stakeholders and customers is second to none.

Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC Global)

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