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H2OAlliance Joins CEC

December 1, 2010, New York --- H2OAlliance joins the Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC) to stimulate investment, accelerate the technology transfer, and improve communication, learning, and action in support of green progress, economic development, and social change. 

H2OAlliance and CEC partnership is built on the strength of innovation that can compete with conventional solutions on price and can be scaled, and with the access to conventional and philanthropic capital and business markets across developed and developing countries. This partnership achieves transparency, efficiency and scale in bringing together those seeking to invest in "the next big thing" in technology and with those who can deliver innovations which require funding, application, and partners. It serves needs of SMEs seeking customers, partners, investors, sponsors, and donors to make their innovation a commercial success. 

While environmental efforts by corporations have existed for decades, the potential for profits through Eco Commerce is new. "We are looking at the tip of the iceberg in key industries where eco innovation is good for the bottom line. It's an early stage market with a number of small to large companies, but no one has a major market share. It's the very beginning with large upside potential for profits and fast and measurable results. Going 'eco' can mean profits to entrepreneurs and SMEs, and not just for the MEs of the world", says Denise Simone, VP Corporate Communications, H2OAlliance.

With the rising water challenges, energy costs, environmental awareness, government funding and incentives, and research and development, eco innovation is expected to gain popularity. CEC is committed to educate end-users of technology about the efficiency, transparency, and long-term benefits of eco innovations compared to conventional technologies. Business and policy leaders, investors, and philanthropists need to clearly understand the potential of a given technology to recognize the true power it holds and to assess impact and risk-reward elements. 

With a portfolio or innovations, projects and initiatives, H2OAlliance is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the global reach and local opportunities presented by CEC. The key partner projects and initiatives include but is not limited to: Clean Water Management, BioTrade, Geothermal power; Waste to Reuse; Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Treatment; Bio-Refining; Inland Water Transport; Green Coal Production; Energy Store; Organic Waste Material Refining; Higher Fuel Flexibility; Aluminum Foam Sheet Technology; Acoustic Treatment for Oil, Gas and Water Exploration; Cold Chain Intelligence; Nanotechnology Thin Film Circuit Boards, E-paper; Dry Technology in Producing Extra Thin Electric Circuit Boards and Components; Mobile Water Purification; Waste Treatment; and Emergency Response.

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