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Access to capital is essential for the start up and growth of businesses in general and particularly

for the development and exploitation of Eco Innovation. However, there are many challenges 

faced by small to medium sized enterprises (SME) and financial actors in this domain.

Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC) brings together individuals and organizations in a way that 

does not require a large investment of funds and time. By pooling our contacts and resources, 

we can develop unique financial instruments to help bring innovations to market in a quick and 

efficient manner. Together, we can overcome market penetration challenges and remove 

barriers accelerating access to funding, markets, and government approval process.

Our projects are about commercializing innovation and innovative business ideas. Each project 

brings together experts, leaders, learners, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and advisers.

An outcome is creating new partnerships and finding the most efficient ways of 

financing Innovation.

Eco Commerce Capital Group (ECCG)

ECCG is a group of accredited private equity (“Angel”) investors, who provide counsel 

and capital to startup companies in a wide variety of industries. This group includes mostly 

former and current executives and entrepreneurs. We look for high quality technology-related 

investment opportunities with high growth opportunities.

We host events and trade missions , and we work closely with our international network of 

partners, individuals and organizations, whose goal is to provide networking opportunities for 

early stage startups and investors. Investor members invest individually: there is no fund 

controlled by ECCG.


ECCG Investors’ mission is to provide a forum where serious active investors will be presented 

with a continuous flow of high quality deals. For high-quality startups we provide access to 

capital, management teams, hands-on advisory, soft-landing services, counsel and networking 


Online Application Funding Process.


Technology Submittal Form (TSF)


Screening:  Companies are selected to present at the Deal Screening meeting, or are 

screened online.

Funding Process

Meetings: Presentations are 20 minutes long.

Due Diligence and Disclaimer

The due diligence process is negotiated between the interested investors and the companies 

seeking funding. Prior to the investor meeting presentations, ECCG only performs due diligence 

to the extent that the group needs to determine the relative quality of a startup company for the 

purpose of presentation to the group. ECCG does not vouch for the risk involved in investing in 

any of the companies presented to the group, requires that investors interested in presenting 

companies be accredited investors, and does NOT engage in the sale or resale of securities.