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Financing Eco Innovation 

We help investors seeking potential partnerships to find Eco Commerce projects and engage investors with enterprises, organizations and communities around partner projects by region. 

Our projects bring together individuals and organizations in a way that does not require a large investment of funds and time. By pooling our contacts and resources, we can find new opportunities and develop unique financial instruments and tools to bring innovations to market in a quick and efficient manner. Together, we can overcome market penetration challenges and remove barriers accelerating access to funding, markets, and government approval process.  

Partner Projects for Innovators, Investors, and Business and Policy Leaders

Financing Eco Innovation projects are about commercializing eco technologies, methods, and best practices. Each project brings together experts, leaders, learners, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and advisers across industries and continents.  


SMART objectivesSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time-Bound. Sustainable and inclusive growth, and collective impact and shared value. An outcome is new partnerships and trust, and the most efficient ways of financing Eco Innovation.

Eco Commerce Capital Group (ECCG)

ECCG is the first group of Capital Industry and Eco Innovation experts in the world leveraging the experience and expertise of Eco Commerce. 

The ECCG is a catalyst for the development of the Eco Commerce capital industry through investments in Eco Innovation. ECCG builds on the network of Eco Commerce Hubs, regional gateways for leaders and learners in Eco Commerce.  

To stimulate investment in Eco Innovation, ECCG delivers a deal flow, sector specific portfolios of highly qualified innovations, to conventional and philanthropic investors. 

To improve and accelerate access to much needed capital, CEC provides hands-on Eco Commerce advisory services to innovators and investors. 

The CEC global hub in Atlanta, acts as an umbrella organization leading the global efforts in developing unique investment strategies, financial instruments, and regional funds that will meet specific requirements of Eco Commerce stakeholders. 

To boost knowledge transfer and to build capacity, ECCG provides access to partner projects and training programs. Specifically, by joining ECCG projects and events hosted by regional CEC Hubs, individuals will learn about unique loan, guarantee, co-guarantee, counter-guarantee, equity guarantee, export‑credit insurance, lease, securitization, venture capital, matching fund, transfer fund opportunities, and public private partnership projects. 


Impact Investing

Investment approach that aims to proactively create positive social and environmental impact against an acceptable risk-adjusted financial return. This requires the management of social and environmental performance (in addition to financial risk and return). With impact investing “impact” comes first, whereas with sustainable investing “financial returns” come first.

Responsible Investing

Investment approach that integrates consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into investment decision-making and ownership practices, and thereby improve long-term returns to beneficiaries. Source: UN PRI NB: in this paper “sustainable investing” and “responsible investing” are used as synonyms

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Socially responsible investing, an area often affiliated with the retail financial sector, incorporates ESG issues as well as criteria linked to a values-based approach. For example, it can involve the application of pre-determined social or environmental values to investment selection. Investors may choose to exclude or select particular companies or sectors because of their impact on the environment or stakeholders. Negative screening (such as weapons exclusions) and positive screening (such as Best-in-Class or thematic approaches) typically fall in the remit of such investments. 

Sustainable Investing

Investment approach that integrates long-term environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into investment and ownership decision-making with the objective of generating superior risk-adjusted financial returns. These extra-financial criteria are used alongside traditional financial criteria such as cash flow and price-to-earnings ratios.

Social Venture Capital Investing

Is a form of venture capital investing that provides capital to businesses deemed socially and environmentally responsible. These investments are intended to both provide attractive returns to investors and to provide market-based solutions to social and environmental issues. Social venture capital can refer to debt or equity investments in socially-oriented enterprises, which includes BoP (Base of the Pyramid)-targeted efforts to stimulate economic development in the poorest regions of the world.

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