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The First H2O Technology Hub in the World

January 24, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia, CEC ---  The business community was excited today by the announcement of the first technology transfer 'Hub' in the global water market. This web-based community 'Hub' will accelerate the transfer of technology across industries and continents contributing to solutions to one of the greatest challenges faced by mankind today, freshwater resource depletion and pollution.

"Water is the gossamer that links the web of food, energy, climate, economic growth and human security challenges the world faces over the next two decades. We simply cannot manage water in the future in the same way we have in the past or the economic web will collapse", the stark warning of a forecast released by the World Economic Forum.

The H2O Technology 'Hub' will showcase the best innovations, experts, and commercial enterprises that have the capability to enter and compete in the global water market. It provides easy access to innovations that show the most commercial promise, and can compete with traditional technologies in price and can be scaled. Solutions that will save money and resources,  and minimize pollution, is the interest of every business, and society as a whole. 

The 'Hub' serves a two-fold purpose: first as an Educational and Awareness industry building vehicle under whose aegis, innovators can begin to introduce, and penetrate the immensely deep and lucrative global water marketplace. Second, as an investment vehicle to fund Eco Innovation, projects, enterprises and research to accelerate green progress and profits.

Local CEC Chapter Leaders will work closely with Businesses, Government Agencies, Universities, and Research Institutes, as well as with other intellectual and technological reservoirs to bring forward the Best and the Brightest in Eco Innovation in Industrial and Environmental Water Management, for introduction to the Global Water Market.  The leaders will continue to establish new strategic initiatives, and partnerships with companies, universities, research organizations, centers of excellence and funding sources around the world. Increased consumer, regulatory and industry interest is crucial in solving problems concerning freshwater resource depletion, and pollution around the world.

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