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Low Carbon Cold Chain Workshop

July 19, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia --- International experts will meet in Atlanta in October 2011 to take part in a CEC workshop featuring the advancement of Low Carbon Cold Chain solutions. The one day event in Atlanta, one of the world’s leading transportation hubs and amongst the leading U.S. cities in sustainability, brings together the cold chain experts in sustainability.


Perishable transportation market is estimated to grow fast locally, regionally, and globally despite the economical slowdown. Many countries and farmers would like to become more engaged in the production of perishable products for export and sales but lack adequate and affordable packaging and transportation solutions. 

Today, up to 40% of perishable products are wasted or spoiled between production and reaching the  consumer. In addition, cold chain consume a lot of energy and waste unnecessary resources during transport. Current cold chain industry is changing rapidly and demand for low carbon cold chain technologies is immediate. 

The workshop will reveal the latest in integrated Low Carbon Cold Chain technology featuring Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP) design, Information Communications Technology (ICT) intelligence, and Electric Vehicles designed specifically for city transport. 


The aim is to embed low carbon and sustainability into professionals’ thought process from the beginning to the end of the cold chain, and to promote the latest in cold chain solutions for today, and innovations for the future.  


Topics will range from current challenges facing the cold cargo industry as a whole to the most successful practices. We will examine how current trends might lead to opportunities for companies to adopt more sustainable cold chain products, services, and systems.


Sustainability is part of the overall business solution and something that experts must consider from the outset. By using the latest in eco innovation expertise, companies have the opportunity to ‘turn challenges into opportunities’ considering the total environmental and social impact of their cold chain.

CEC supports professionals on a global basis using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach to systematically examine the efficiency flows from material sourcing to the use of energy. The experts use a selection of simplified eco-designs and tools to produce relevant data in the cold chain development process. Cold chain experts can quickly provide individuals and organizations with the information required to create new solutions, or to renovate existing ones to save money, energy and reduce their environmental impact.

 An example is the recent improvements brought to the cold cargo thermo module.  The original module has now been replaced with a complete Low Carbon Cold Cargo Transport System which includes Packaging, Cold Elements, Intelligence Platform, and Electric Transport Vehicles. The system ensures that a sustainable and stronger cold chain is provided in any geographical region while significantly reducing the CO2 emissions across the value chain.

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