Eco Innovators Look to Georgia for U.S Home - Business Development Initiative Brings Innovators to Georgia

June 16, 2011- Atlanta, Georgia --- Companies looking to set up operations in the United States plan to locate their business in Georgia. 

In the crowded technology centers such as Silicon Valley and Boston, small innovators would be low on the priority list. In Atlanta, these small companies get attention and support from business experts, city officials and others involved in economic development and job creation.

The trade visits to Georgia have been a key part of Chamber of Eco Commerce’s new business development initiative serving Innovators, Economic Development Agencies, and Chambers of Commerce. This initiative that focuses on bringing Eco Innovation to market, has identified Atlanta as a global Eco Commerce Hub. 

The companies that specialize in environmental technologies (ET), will get access to Eco Commerce leaders doing business in the United States. They will learn about a welcoming and nurturing environment for technology startups that includes the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, and other research partners.

International delegation’s visits to Atlanta during the past months follows an announcement last week that CEC, is locating it’s global business incubator operations to Atlanta to support a growing need for local soft-landing services for the emerging ecosystem of Eco Commerce Hubs worldwide. 

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Soft-Landing Services 

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