A New Way of Tackling Energy, Food, Health, and Environment Issues

September 1, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia --- The governments, philanthropists, nonprofits, and foundations cannot solve alone the growing challenges of energy, food, health, and environment. The innovators, often small size businesses, are not large enough to tackle the problems faced by over two-thirds of the world's population across the developing world, and communities in the developed countries.

The CEC joined the 'SMART Community Exchange', a global community of SMART experts, seeking to bridge the gap between innovators, investors, businesses and governments to accelerate SMART growth, and the efficiency and scale of SMART and clean technology based solutions.

SMART sustainable business models capable of bringing affordable eco innovations and clean tech solutions to market are now emerging. Many of these small to medium size businesses (SME) can create profits and new jobs, and lead directly to economic growth. Starting a new business is always tough, and positioning and expanding a business can be much more challenging. Launching a business that focuses on the sustainable energy, food, health, and environment - needs of individuals, organizations and communities seems promising and attractive while daunting in details and obstacles. Acceleratum can make the difference in helping small innovators to transfer and implement technologies and transform businesses and industries, and promote innovations to motivated investors, customers, and partners across continents.

SMART Community Exchange is a global initiative, a network with the private sector, governments, NGOs and philanthropic communities. When appropriate, the CEC will invite proposals from innovators and companies that best fit Investors’ and Partners’ priorities.

CEC operates by providing business support services to SMEs and MEs  to help them evolve and thrive, seeking partnerships with governments and corporations through public private partnerships and co-investment and accelerating and changing the way technology impacts industry and individuals at home and abroad.

The CEC partners will continue focusing on maximizing financial returns to both innovators and investors, and shared value and social returns to communities by improving efficiency in energy usage, storage and production, agricultural inputs and food distribution, health care, water, housing, and other SMART markets.

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