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CEC To Launch Business Development Campaign With Local Support

June 5, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia --- Chamber of Eco Commerce has created a new business development initiative aimed at bringing Eco Innovation into market. 

In today’s competitive marketplace and stressed economy, many Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade are challenged to find ways to add value and on-going relevance to their members and the community.  A new opportunity however is emerging. 

In many communities, the Chamber of Commerce (CC) and Economic Development Agencies (EDA) are responsible for providing  business support and promoting sustainability. By partnering with the Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC), local CC and EDA can now offer value-added services to their members while building capacity and generating new jobs and much needed revenues in their communities. 

Minna LeVine, Administrator of Chamber of Eco Commerce Global stated, “We continue to make great progress in communities we serve by delivering actionable knowledge and access to our fast growing international network of experts. Recently we have seen a tremendous increase in the demand for soft-landing support and Eco Innovative products and services. By establishing partnerships with local CCs and EDAs, CEC seeks to capitalize on the growth we are experiencing, and the impact we can make on the local market". 

Access to actionable knowledge is a major bottleneck. Inexperience and lack of adequate extension and training for knowledge-intensive management systems and location-specific science require capacity building. 

With the objective of creating a critical mass and the necessity to strive in settings with limited resources, many CCs and EDAs, and other communities and organizations have responded by joining CEC’s collective business development and learning programs and establishing partnership projects to bring Eco Innovation into market locally.

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Partners in Eco Commerce

Eco Commerce is a business, investment, and technology development model that employs market-based solutions to help balance the world's energy needs and environmental integrity. Eco Commerce management is a knowledge-based approach requiring an understanding of eco innovation and processes. 

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