We offer access to a wide range business services, resources, and contacts. Our international network of Preferred Service Providers include highly qualified companies, that have been assessed and selected by CEC leadership team in Atlanta. Members can enjoy a variety of benefits from promotional opportunities and community support to educational events and tools:

Technology Assessment

Assistance in reviewing new technology disclosures, proposals, and RFP responses for their commercial potential in the areas of characteristics of the technology, state of development, commercial outlook, and required investment.


Assistance in describing eco-innovations and communicating benefits to investors, customers, and users in clear terms, building brand and promoting technologies with high commercial potential. 

Licensing Support

Assistance in developing strategy and negotiating deals based on assessment of technology value, recommends up front payments, longer-term percentage of profits, and equity sharing where applicable. 


Assistance in analyzing and evaluating commercialization potential, seeking funding, writing proposals, and making presentations to investors. 


Assistance in IPR including all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright, deisgn, including counseling, prosecution, licensing, and litigation, other legal counseling and advise. 

Business Management

Assistance in planning, organizing, staffing, leading, directing and organizing new technology startups. Managing human, financial, technological and natural resources. Creating new business models, expanding offerings, and finding customers and partners. Advise from experienced startup catalysts and business leaders.


Assistance in writing successful SBIR/STTR Proposals, reviewing and evaluating the Commercial Potential of SBIR/STTR proposals. 


Assistance in reviewing and editing of Foreign Visitor Justifications, review of documents and other export control concerns, review of draft agreements with foreign companies, and review of export control forms. 

Research & Development

Assistance in R&D provided by the leading universities and other partners.


Assistance in core services needed by companies willing to do business with the government agencies. From sourcing opportunities, to strategic market planning, to post-award compliance and contract management, you will receive the most comprehensive means of conducting business with any governmental agency. 


Assistance in communication services between the public and the private sector.

Other benefits include but are not limited to:


Meet, connect, learn and network with peers - live and virtual. 

Competitive Intelligence

Search deals, opportunities, partner projects, and job openings.

News/ Media

Read and share/ publish your latest releases/ updates.


Access to grant updates, information, services and assistance.

Office/ Meetings/ Events

Virtual and physical office, and meeting and conference rooms.

Working Group

Local working groups led by experienced business coaches.


Virtual or live event showcasing the latest innovations, deals, projects, and success stories.


Technology, whitepapers, best practice presentations, documents, and videos.

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