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The First Eco Commerce ‘Hub’ in the World


February 1, 2011, Atlanta --- Although the latest advances in technology of the internet have provided improvements for individuals to seek information easily, the benefits to companies and organization has not been fully realized.  Most of the advances have occurred at the consumer level. In addition, the cost to businesses and organizations to provide the capabilities is labor intensive and expensive particularly in targeted segments such as ‘energy efficiency and risk and crisis management’.


Recognizing this gap, the Chamber of Eco Commerce and Microsoft experts, have provided a unique solution: The Eco Commerce Hub. It has taken three years of research, with over two hundred experts contributing from diverse backgrounds including industry, cultural, business, academic and public policy. The result is a first of its kind, independent collaboration platform. The effort to design and custom build such a platform is substantial; 18,000 of man hours, 26 months, and millions of dollars. 


We recognize that it would require major investments and ongoing support for companies and organizations to build and maintain what we have already accomplished and what is planned for the future support of an independent global community of Eco Commerce experts, leaders and learners. 

This integrated and independent platform will improve management efficiency and reduce management costs (human & capital), as experts, leaders, professionals, policymakers and learners at local, global and corporate level are connected by highly targeted information, collaboration, and expertise. 

This platform will enable both companies and organizations in both developed and developing countries, with very limited budgets and resources, to empower their employees, professionals and policymakers with knowledge, information and speed-to-market solutions. They can share their unique challenges and risks with community of experts to learn how they can effectively solve problems, implement solutions and adapt at local level to new management challenges due to adverse impacts of climate change., is now in production. In recognition of the World Environment Day (WED) June 5, 2011, CEC will officially announce the opening of this web-based B2B community. 

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Eco Commerce Hub