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From our headquarters in Atlanta, we drive a eco-business agenda, partner projects, and cover business, legal, and policy initiatives. We work across borders and industries with local chapter leaders, volunteers, innovators, investors, accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, tax experts, technical support, engineers, public officials, civic representatives and eco commerce advocates.  

We collaborate with our stakeholders, providing a comprehensive, hands-on Advisory Program for chosen technology’s, product development, and commercialization. We operate by providing management support to help new businesses and business models evolve and thrive. 

Our Advisory Program mentors early stage technology companies with a dynamic, tested, step by step path in order to integrate, blend and structure their business concepts into the American or other business culture, thus launching technology into the U.S. market and beyond. This will be accomplished by key personnel spending time at the our offices in Atlanta. The Advisory Program is designed to ensure and represent a significant structure in the technology exit arrangement, and to take advantage of the US capital and markets. 

We structure alliances with strategic partners and initiate and coordinate projects. We access new markets by performing the right steps and building up a suitable market strategy for the RTD results. We develop market and action plans for potential exploitation and dissemination measures. We share our IPR know-how.

We seek partnerships with investors, governments and corporations through public/ private partnerships and co-investment. We accelerate and change the way technology impacts industry and individuals at home and abroad.

We work with seasoned executives who have an extensive background in technology, international trade, industry, financing, and communication. We are actively sourcing and carefully selecting innovations and early stage companies with innovative and patented Environmental Technologies to be commercialized in the United States, and elsewhere.

We utilize conventional marketing and commercialization methodologies with well established global trading networks, and have a close working relationship with organizations such as NASA for market assessment analysis. We have agreements with the leading engineering think-tanks, for high-tech engineering, prototyping and product development, with affiliates worldwide. 

Partner Projects and Hands-on-Advisory Services

Individuals and organizations who need help with bringing their Eco Innovations to the market can get assistance from Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC). Innovators and Investors join CEC’s hands-on-advisory program to get involved with technology commercialization projects across continents and industries.  

CEC works closely with public bodies and research institutions, providing them a clear commercial perspective, specific expertise, and resources to deal with the aspects of market strategy, fund raising and searching for investors. 

Innovators lack of knowledge concerning what support scheme are appropriate with the technology they would like to commercialize. They are challenged to understand the different commercialization support schemes available. However, they may be aware of the local support programs of government agencies in their region which they often approach first. Many of these local support schemes and funding programs lack coherence and visibility making it time-consuming to develop an understanding of what is offered and required.

The Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC) seeks to complement the support provided by the technology transfer offices, promoting Technology Transfer of Eco Innovation. Government agencies and companies can join the ‘Eco Commerce Hubs’ to get hands-on-advise how to develop attractive investment propositions and to contact interested investors. Through a clearly defined business model, which is coherently based on the strength of the technology itself as well as on the market value the technology may have, the results will attract the appropriate financing. It will take expertise and time for the innovation to break down the barriers and bring new innovations to the market.

The Eco Commerce Hubs are positioned to connect Eco Innovators to Investors. These hubs are positioned to break two main barriers: 1. the shortage or the lack of visibility of the business opportunities which emerge from research organizations and universities; 2. the second the hesitance of investors, if they don’t understand the market potential and business opportunities that the innovation brings. 

Some investors and business and policy leaders are suspect of the ‘green technology-promise’. This is the key reason for the need for local action.  In support of local action Eco Commerce Hubs provide science-based technology assessment, support services, and hands-on commercialization advice to help potential investors better understand the commercial potential and the benefits of Eco Innovation. At the same time, there is a need for local Soft-Landing services to help SMEs bring their technology to market in timely and cost-effective manner.  

We invite you to join our Sustainable Innovation  movement, an ecosystem of leaders in Eco Commerce. Ways to join:

1. Submit TSF (Technology Submittal Form)

2. Submit Initiative/Project

3. Become a 
Preferred Service Provider (PSP)

4. Eco Commerce Hub

5. Soft Landing Services

6. Financing Eco Innovation Initiative

7. Sponsorship

8. Media Partner

9. Global Sustainability Center (GSC)

10. Philanthropy

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