Partner Projects

We manage a Portfolio of Innovations, Projects, and Initiatives. We are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges presented by new technology which simply put is to connect highly motivated innovators, business leaders, investors, policymakers, and philanthropists, in order to catalyze new partner projects and businesses which transform companies and industries. 

We seek to expand our portfolio of partner projects, and to position our local Chapters, Sustainability Centers, and Working Groups worldwide. We focus on Eco Innovation and Commerce, climate change adaptation issues, challenges, and solutions. Our strategic principles are: 

  • Valuing prevention; 
  • Preserving and restoring natural capital;
  • Life-cycle thinking - closing system cycles;
  • Increasing eco-efficiency by factor x;
  • Decarbonizing and dematerializing the economy; 
  • Focusing on design of products and product-service.

We achieve efficiency and scale in bringing those seeking to invest in "the next big thing" with those who can deliver innovations and services which require funding, application, and partners. 

We serve the communication, collaboration, and consultative needs of innovators and experts seeking customers, partners, investors, sponsors, and donors to expand their business opportunities, transform businesses, and make their innovation a commercial success.

Ways to join our partner projects:

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