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We invite you to join our community of philanthropists, corporate intrapreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and leaders in business, finance, academia, non-governmental organizations, government, non-profits, and media. 

Collective impact, combined expertise and experience positions us to be able to quickly understand critical issues and particular needs, and address the specific protocols that will yield optimal results. Together, we can create greater impact and results at local level, and achieve measurable positive impact at global scale. 

We can help stimulate investment in eco-innovation and ET projects that link technology, philanthropy, and investment activity, and help non-profits stimulate high-impact donations. We help expand access to capital by targeting philanthropic capital. 

Our local chapters and working groups can help solve problems and contribute to high profile problems in society to foster economic development and social change. To achieve this, we collaborate with our peers across the private and the public sector and with across all continents to accelerate change in communities we live and work in.