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Project Eco Lexicon

Eco Lexicon is a unique portfolio of education products and services designed for K-12. We offer training materials, teaching tools, and awareness merchandise. In addition we provide hands-on mentoring and training services, and organize school and community events.

Eco Lexicon has a positive impact on people and communities. We inspire and motivate children and youth by making positive improvements for STEM education across America.

Eco Lexicon provides access to mentors and volunteers in communities across America. By becoming aware of Project Eco Lexicon, children and youth will become curious and interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Eco Lexicon is a fast growing community of educators, experts, volunteers, social entrepreneurs,

corporate intrapreneurs, and catalytic philanthropists. We improve the quality of education and life in communities.

Eco Lexicon is expanding to the second stage of the program development to fill a specific need for STEM and environmental education. We fill a gap to reach out to the children and youth and educators. Project Eco Lexicon will benefit all children and youth, particularly those living in lower income communities.


Eco Lexicon is pioneering an effort to build critical mass in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Innovation, and Catalytic Philanthropy.

Eco Lexicon contributes to the knowledge economy by focusing on the following:

- Outreach programs to empower individuals, both children and educators, with knowledge;

- Education programs with strong community involvement to challenge children and youth;

- To take action at the local level to innovate solutions;

- Early childhood education programs for the youngest of citizens;

- Projects with the private sector, state and government agencies, and NGO's;

- Strengthening Eco Innovation research and science culture.

Eco Lexicon mentors and volunteers support educators to develop and deliver new programs and tools, and adaptive capacities serving as the focus for interactions and activities around STEM and Eco Innovation.

Working with the experts, we have learned and shared views on issues and challenges and have become engaged with K-12 and communities to develop best practices, address issues and challenges, and provide solutions at local level.

We invite you to join Project Eco Lexicon, our fast growing network of experts, leaders, and learners. You can join as a mentor, partner, sponsor, or distributor. Your participation and support will enable us to expand and continue delivering much needed education to young children and youth, and supporting educators and families across America.


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To discuss the possibilities of your participation, please contact your local Eco Lexicon adviser or CEC by email: info@ChamberofEcoCommerce.com